Why Yahoo Bought MyBlogLog — Business Logs

An “FYI” for anybody using MyBlogLog (BG included), Yahoo is the new owner. This is a possible outcome for any of the small Web Wiz companies that hit upon a great idea, and grow it into a success: they become appetizing to one or more of the Big Three Fish.

Why Yahoo Bought MyBlogLog: To Track Your AdSense Statistics — Business Logs

So, is this an issue? Does a new Big Fish owner compel users to discontinue use for realistic reasons? Or, is it just a form of snobbery, for developers to actively avoid using tools owned/operated by one of the “Evil Meglomaniac Megacorps?”

One thought on “Why Yahoo Bought MyBlogLog — Business Logs

  1. Check out the comments on the article between MyBlogLog and BusinessLogs…they’re providing some very interesting details regarding the legal issues behind using AdSense, using services like MBL, etc.

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