You really want to see this website…

and then you want to probably buy the book. This was a very light and fun way to spend 5 minutes. Give it a whirl, and then let our readers know your thoughts on the site concept, the book, whatever!

No One Belongs Here More Than You

4 Replies to “You really want to see this website…”

  1. It is a lowtech version of the Web2.0 video
    Very cool
    (comparing your comment editing to the ajax one)
    BTW manually added your blog to the bumpzee community. You joined Bumpzee, joined the community, but didn’t add your blog specifically to the nonofollow community

  2. Thanks for that Andy. I had a strange feeling that I had missed something over there. But you were right on. After reading your post, I wanted to show our support since we had some real internal discussions about noFollow (mostly because of your other posts on the subject!)

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