Another test of the WP BB app

This image was cropped outside the WP BB application
This image was cropped outside the WP BB application
So am able to get this blog to connect with my Storm. And am writing in landscape mode so that is cool.
Going for the photo insert just to be greedy!
Weird that there is no visual clue as to where the inserted photo is at in the body of the post.
Okay going for the submit, now!

2 Replies to “Another test of the WP BB app”

  1. Yikes! Guess I need to see about the auto cropping (and whether or not rotating can be done on the Storm; I think it should be able to do that).But all in all, a success!Yay! Woo Hoo!Who needs a laptop now?;) LOL

  2. So, I went ahead and processed that image. If you happened to see it before, you might have been scared. Very scared!My take away is that there are certain post types that might be a good use of the WP BB application. One thing that might help is to set the Storm to take smaller pictures, at least ones that will not break your WordPress theme. Also, I believe the Storm photo application allows for rotating pictures, so that might allow for them to be uploaded into the new post without being all sideways!It's all a journey!

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