Testing Twitter Tools, Bit.ly on WPMU

Trying to get Alex King’s Twitter Tools to work correctly with the BoldlyGoing.com site. Currently, this site runs on a WordPress Multi User installation. WPMU can sometimes not behave well with plugins coded for the single site WordPress installation.
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Thinking that I had the bit.ly plugin installed and activated, however, when I published my last post, I had yet to enter a bit.ly username and api number.
Now that those have been created, added, and saved I am hoping the actual post link will also get posted to twitter. We shall see shortly! Check out some related stories on the web…

Image representing bit.ly as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase
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3 Replies to “Testing Twitter Tools, Bit.ly on WPMU”

  1. Haha! Success is ours! So that was the challenge. I had activated the bit.ly URL shortening add-on to the Twitter Tools plugin but without entering the account info, no link at all gets added to the body of the tweet. I guess as long as I don't mind using bit.ly this will be great for now.

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