Who's Your True Blue Booby, Vidli.com?

Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii)
Creative Commons License photo credit: A_E_P

Tonight after some holiday shopping to pick up materials for making some AWESOME gifts for Mom, Sister, and Niece (pics to post before too long. And don’t worry, my family doesn’t read my blogs 😦 ), I decided to whip up a Twitter Archive.

I’d been following @Andrea_r‘s conversation about the Twitter Digest plugin and got interested in the concept of archiving my tweets so I could access them past the 7 days or so that Twitter allows you access.

A couple of days ago, Ron (@WPMUguru) posted up a fix to the Twitter Digest plugin allowing it to operate correctly on WPMU:

Andrea was looking for a Twitter digest plugin so that she could start making a permanent backup of her tweets because the twitter API only provides access to the last 3200 tweets. The plugin she asked me to look at was Twitter Digest by Tim Beck. The reason she asked me to look at it was that it the option page did not save the settings in WordPress MU.

Rock and roll! So, I decided to add a new subdmain to the BoldlyGoing.com WPMU install and hook things up. Now you if you hit MyTweets.BoldlyGoing.com you can marvel 😉 at the wonder.

Basically, there’s the WPMU subdomain with the P2 Theme running the look and feel. I’ve got Twitter Digest (v. 1.8.3b the MU enhanced version) grabbing the tweets every morning early and posting to the site.

Finally I also installed Photo Dropper so I can go back to the site every few days and add some nice visual stuff.

And that’s what drove this post, especially its title. As I continue to earn your trust and eventually your support in my pursuit of the Social Media Gig with Vidli.com I was messing over at my twitter repository site and decided to post up a test from the front page (as per P2 theme). I did a search on Flickr for blue footed boobies and found that lovely little rascal you see above.

Have to say, they are really strange, yes? But adorable nonetheless!

Hey, thanks for taking the time to check out this post. And if you are feeling rather altruistic today, why not take about 37 seconds or so and sign up for the FREE beta invite for the new video monetization service that Vidli.com will be launching early next year. I’m buying drinks for everyone that’s helped me get the gig (if, of course I get the gig!)

Seriously though, thank you for your time. You have my sincere gratitude! Have a wonderful weekend.

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