Anyone Have YOURLS Working On an NginX Server?

Started serving static files (images, pdfs, txt files, etc.) from a spare domain I have several months ago. It’s short at 5 letters, so I was thinking this might be a great set up for doing my own URL shortening as well.
Because I run NginX and FastCGI to power my WordPress installs, I often find it a challenge to implement stuff that’s been developed for LAMP stacks. I know the YOURLS instructions has a link to an Nginx fix, however, I was unable to get it to work.
Just wondering if anyone stopping by has any experience or can point me towards some knowledge on how to troubleshoot.

What Should I Know Before Committing To Freelance Copy Writing?

I’ve been putting a lot of thought of late into moving full steam into the arena of Freelance Copy Writing. I was turned on to the concept a while back, early on in my SEO writing activities and as a result bought into Peter Bowerman’s “The Well-Fed Writer”. I actually was more interested in his “The Well-Fed Self-Publisher” and subsequently got off of the track for pursuing freelance copy writing.
Now, however, I’m thinking that it could be more interesting to pursue some quality writing opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the SEO writing that I do. Every now and then some interesting topics are assigned to me, and I find when that happens, I truly enjoy the process.
If you’ve done any of this type of “web writing” you’ll understand just how little it pays. Understandably so. For the most part, and what I believe to be reality, this type of writing isn’t designed to be read by anyone real, living (or dead). Simply put, the search powers that be want “real” content; not words generated by some form of YACG (yet another content generator).
And that’s totally groovy. If you can deal with the lack of passion. If you enjoy putting words together and have them pretty much never read again, SEO can be a super easy way to make a living. ย Just not much of a decently paying living. Again, I am grateful to have access to this type of work for the past year or so. I always do the very best I am able to with any given assignment. But I’m at that point of needing more.
More income for sure. More importantly, a real sense that what I’m creating is valuable to someone, will get read (and hopefully appreciated!) by a real, living breathing person (that is not me.) So, I’m now in that mode of contemplating whether or not it might be worth developing the contacts, putting out feelers for clients, dealing with clients when they do come, and generally making a successful go at becoming a Freelance Copy Writer.
While I’m no expert, my belief is that I have the chops to do the writing. I’ve several pieces which I’ll pull together in order to start a portfolio. Some good friends have indicated they enjoy my writing and feel I’d be well suited to pursue a living (at least for a while) in this arena. Of course, you really can’t trust the opinions of your friends. That’s why they’re your friends! ๐Ÿ˜‰
There’s not a whole lot of folks reading this site, but if you are and have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions, it would be lovely to hear them. My biggest concern is that which I just don’t know about going down this road. If you can share your insight or experiences, let’s start a conversation. And thanks for your time and interest. Much appreciated!

When Is One At the Bottom of the Barrel?

Image courtesy of Wikepedia

You know life has sunk about as far as possible (from a tech perspective, at least) when you are:

  1. Pet sitting for your mother’s business because you can’t find a decent tech job,
  2. While rushing out to the mailbox to get the Netflix out before the mail truck comes back up the road, you discover that you didn’t notice the dog decided not to indicate she needed to go back outside,
  3. You can no longer figure out how to access the ISP service by plugging straight into their modem,
  4. The speed you get from your bluetooth connection from your netbook to the smart phone is faster than the pet sitting client’s ISP.

These are just some Monday morning thoughts. Nothing too deep here ๐Ÿ˜‰

37 Signals

OMGosh! This is just too funny. Thank goodness we live in a country where artists can create something as fun, interesting AND effective as this little faux ad selling 37 Signals newest book, “Rework”
It’s a quick watch. Enjoy!
[youtube cxnOKDZNA9s 500 315]

Eye of a Night Time God?

This is what was available in the sky last night. While I’m sure my pics don’t do it justice, if you saw it you really got the best view. For everyone else, here you go!
[postcasa size=large][/postcasa]

Arizona Blue Moon

Some really interesting photos of tonights blue moon from my back porch, here in Cottonwood, AZ. Enjoy!
[postcasa size=large][/postcasa]

Pondering the Contest

Camera Sony HDR-FX1 HDV Handycam Camcorder
Image via Wikipedia

Still only a few hours left in the contest being run by soon to be released If you spend any time at all reading the posts here at BG, you likely know that I’ve been participating in their Social Media challenge. They designed an interesting way to weed out the wannabe Social Media “expert” types from those that can actually produce results.
The rules? Simple: sign up, get URL that points people to Vidli’s Beta Invitation sign up form, get people to sign up for their free beta program to be launched early 2010. The top five referrers are then invited to talk with Vidli folk in order to be further considered for the new position they are hiring for.
Some saw this as an exploitation of unemployed workers to further Vidli’s cause. Obviously, even in a losing effort, I never considered this to be taking advantage of me. Just like my response to those that argue Boxing is an exploitive sport: no one makes fighters step into the ring and compete based upon mutually agreeable rules and regulations.
Hell, even Nelson Mandela is on record as being a big fight fan. It’s true!
Anyway, if you are into making videos for whatever topic or niche, being able to monetize them is usually a lofty goal. Sure some of them are simply created to market other products or brands, but of the billions of videos viewed everyday online, only a super small percentage have any sort of video monetization associated with them.
If lives up to its self professed promises, the opportunities for you Camtasia, Pling, screen grabbing, Audacity recording junkies to make some money seems quite good.
Even though I didn’t get into the top five, I know the methods I chose to employ in this contest were sound, longer tail applications of using both social media marketing and solid content creation. There were several contestants that started emulating my techniques after they observed my efforts in action. Must be something to that, you know?
In a nutshell, this pursuit isn’t over. 2010 is just a few hours away. As such, I’m already working on taking advantage of this exercise in its fullest. As those products are ready, I’ll be sure to post information here for you lucky friends of mine that subscribe to this feed. If you don’t subscribe to this feed, no worries, just click here.
If you were among the 35 who took the time and put forth the effort to sign up thank you so very much. I am grateful that you efforted to help me out. Promise to make you proud!

Ebay Stuff

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Amazon Stuff

[affmage source=”amazon” results=”2″]video creation[/affmage]

Overstock Stuff

[affmage source=”overstock” results=”2″]video camera[/affmage]

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Ebay Partner Captcha: Are You Kidding?

ebay-partner-captchWTF? I’ve always been a big supporter of using CAPTCHA’s to reduce spam and increase security. I even try to use reCAPTCHA as much as I can, mostly because there is an actual cause behind them.
But as you can see with this quick screen grab from a password reset inside the Ebay Partners network, I feel like I’m writing a damn book just to get them to do something for me.
YIKES!! Next I’ll have to re-type a complete book from the Bible! (or any other holy book of scriptures!)
Crazy stuff. Loco indeed!

Pie Crust Protector vs. Pie Shields


Christmas dinner was fantastic. Mom’s “new” technique of cooking the turkey outside of the oven in a giant slow cooker creates the most moist and amazingly good meat ever. We do put it into the oven as soon as the thingy pops out telling us it’s ready inside.
While its skin is browning we pop in some dinner rolls and really work the heck out of that conventional oven.
This holiday season, between Thanksgiving and Christmas pie baking I helped mom to try and keep those crusts from burning. As you probably know just like we do, you’re supposed to cover them with foil.
Well, if you’ve attempted this feat of magic, you know how tough it can be. I thought I’d be slick this year and break tooth picks in half and joust the overlapping pieces of foil into the edge of the crust.
And to be fair, that actually worked rather well. Except for one thing. I discovered, via some online research that I wasn’t supposed to press the foil down on the crusts. Well, it does make a difference.
So, I thought I’d invent the Pie Crust Protector. Of course, as great as this idea is, someone’s already done it. Pie Shields they’re known as. Oh well.
But as you can see by the embedded Amazon link above, they are readily available and rather inexpensive. I’m ordering 2 of them as soon as I’m done with this post. Having them might just make me want to delve deeper into baking homemade pies.
Which reminds me, I need to start posting up about my bread machine adventures. Let me tell you a little sneak peak: I am a damned good (bread machine) baker! More on that soon!

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