Since July’s publication of my first novel, The Perfect Meal sales have been relatively steady–not planning my retirement, mind you–but on-going and making me understand the value of having a deeper virtual shelf of works to offer readers.
Based upon things learned from the likes of J.A. Konrath, and other independent digital publishers, it seems the time has come to raise the price of TPM to $2.99. If you’ve already purchased your copy, consider yourself a savvy shopper!
Even at the slightly higher price, my belief and that of others who’ve discussed the work with me, this is still a value for a well-written, cleanly programmed work.
I’m also working on creating an audio play for the story, so be on the look out for that sometime after the first of the new year. Audio plays are a little different from a straight audio book (which I intend to produce for TPM as well).
Think of the old dramatic radio shows from the early part of the 20th century. The different characters were spoken in different voices, there were sound effects, and all sorts of audio drama for the listener.
I believe audio plays are an almost lost art and would very much like to see them make a comeback with modern stories.
Will keep you informed, as always.

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