Last night I sent out several email invites to some suckers, er, friends, yeah friends and family members to download an advance copy of my very first book entitled, The Perfect Meal.
Other than the obligatory good comments I received from my little sister (no, I did not pay her. Yet.) I only received one other message from those invited. This individual wanted to know why one of the main characters had to fall in love with a “young” woman.
While I tried to explain to her the main characters were all young adults in their early 20’s, that it really didn’t fit this specific story line to have them fall in love with older women, I finally relented, told her to piss off, and just read my book before her eyes were too old to focus!
Okay, I didn’t use the phrase, “piss off”, but most of the rest 😐 I hope she knew I was kidding. LOL ? 😉

This is the actual image. An image with the message of 'image not available'

Anyway, now just waiting patiently for a little feedback. Also waiting for my superstar artist friend, Robert Chilton to work me up some cover art magic and I’ll be hammering away to get this baby uploaded into Kindle, and various other online e-book systems.
Not to delude myself, but if anyone stumbling by this post is interested in reading a free advance copy, leave me a comment here and I’ll add your email address to the dropbox system and get you an invite sent out right away.
Oh, you want to learn more about the story before making such a commitment? No worries. Click on through to read the concept and description of The Perfect Meal. You can leave your comment there!
As always, please accept my gratitude and thanks!

3 thoughts to “The Perfect Meal Ready For Some Public Consumption

  • James D Kirk

    In case I’d not mentioned it, I’ve got the manuscript formatted for the Kindle. If you’re so inclined and want a (nearly) free copy to advance read, drop me a comment and I’ll get in touch to let you know what has to be done to get the book on your Kindle. Sweet, huh?

  • Greg Hicks

    I’d love to take a look at your book, I have a Kindle so would also be glad to help out there with feedback on the formatting for that. Look forward to reading it and offering some feedback!

    • James D Kirk

      Right on, Greg! Thank you for finding me and The Perfect Meal (how did you come across us, if I might ask?). It would be my pleasure to send an advance copy of TPM to your Kindle. Not knowing your level of involvement with such procedures, I’ll just ask if you’ve ever had anyone send a file directly through Amazon to your Kindle account. If not, bear with me as I’ll quickly layout what you need to do here so others might find the info as well. Cool? Cool!

      1. Log into your Amazon account and navigate to your digital content/Manage Your Kindle area (there are a couple of different link paths to get there
      2. Once in the Kindle area, note the email address Amazon assigned to your Kindle. Should be something like “[email protected]” (no quote marks, of course)
      3. Further down the page, find “Your Kindle Approved E-mail List” and enter my email address “[email protected]” (no quotes)
      4. You most likely have a payment source entered in the “Your Default 1-Click Payment Method” but if not, I’ve discovered that Amazon will not deliver anything to your Kindle device. Not even if you have a gift card of any amount associated with your Kindle (thanks for that discovery, Mom!)
      5. But don’t worry. No document I’m going to send will exceed the 1MB file size. Files up to 1MB will cost you $.15, that’s fifteen cents to have delivered (such a bargain 😐 )
      6. Once the above has been completed you will need to email me your Kindle address so I can send the formatted manuscript for eventual delivery to your device. You can check the progress on the same Manage Your Kindle page, on the right sidebar there is a widget titled “Delivery status for:” with a drop down box if you have other Kindle Apps that you read books on. Again, I’ve discovered that this private delivery service only seems to work for proper Kindle devices, not the various apps (boo!)
      7. Once I receive your Kindle email address and send out the manuscript to it, I’ll also personally send you a confirmation message. From that point, if the above has been set up correctly, it usually takes less than an hour for The Perfect Meal to show up on your Kindle device (of course, we are talking about the Internet, so if you don’t get it shortly after you receive my message, drop me a line and we’ll investigate).
      8. Once you confirm you have The Perfect Meal on your device, feel free to remove my email address from your Kindle account. Not that I would send you anything else unsolicited, but this keeps you in control of your device. (Sorry, Mom. If you knew how to get into your Kindle account you wouldn’t keep getting works in progress from me 😉 I think I owe you about $.75 or so ;))

      There you have it Greg. Thank you so much for taking the time to find me and offer your valuable reading time to help a fellow Northern Arizonan out! Any feedback you feel like sharing will be most gratefully accepted. Even if you think it’s the worse thing ever, I need to hear that as well. You can email me directly, again at [email protected] with any thoughts, ideas, questions, concerns, anything.
      Have a great one Greg! (love your little monkey(?) avatar. Nice!)


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