The Perfect Meal

The Perfect Meal New Cover by James D Kirk

Hey There! Welcome to my website and the home of my first novel, The Perfect Meal. Been by these parts before? Allow me to introduce the new and improved cover! I am so happy about how this came out. Jealous? Don’t be. You can get your own for $5 over at LaDonna, aka Skunkie whipped this out in less than a week. All my ebook covers will be done by her in the future!

There have also been a few tweaks applied to the content of the book. It felt like the prologue bogged the story’s start, so it moved inside to chapter two. Everything else is “mostly” the same. Read on to learn more about the book and please support your independent writers and publishes and pick up a copy of The Perfect Meal.

The Perfect Meal’s Concept
How a magical notion, born of driven focus without tempering of deep emotions will reveal those deserving a life of career excellence and true love.

Story Description
Having his soul mate ripped away from him early in adulthood, a great chef spends his career in pursuit of culinary excellence. On his deathbed he realizes he’s lived half a life. His sheer determination empowers an antique food thermometer with the ability to help the right person pursue culinary perfection while being able to enjoy true love.

That power is bestowed upon a young man who seems worthy of the gift; someone who excels with food and is in love with a wonderful young woman. His character, as determined by upbringing and shaped by tragic events, proves he is only interested in the culinary side of the equation.

Will the powers of the mystical, antique gauge find their way to a worthy recipient? Is there someone who understands that love and passion can both exist in ones pursuit of a full life? Who will finally get invited to dine on The Perfect Meal?

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