Slept in today (okay, I had stayed up watching really crappy movies, but that requires sleeping in, right?) and instead of diving right into computer related work stuffs, I thought I’d take a quick walk, maybe find some food, and then come back to do the computerating.
Tribute In Light - NYC September 11, 2007 Well, I’ve finally realized that I’m more interested in walking around Manhattan than actually finding food and walking home. Other than eating, the only real goal I had was to find a BofA and get some cash from the ATM. Bank of America should be ashamed of their bank locations feature on their website. Of course, I didn’t check it out in Internet Explorer so maybe it works there.
So, here’s the walking route I ended up taking today as I made my way from Greenwich Village to the World Trade Center site and back.
As you can see, a mere 4.4 mile route (however getting lost inside the World Financial Center might have doubled that amount!) with the best part being the temperature today. Somewhere from the mid to upper 40’s was just a lovely break from the sub-freezing temps earlier in the week. And walking north along the West Side Highway with the setting sun warming the path made that mid 40’s temperature feel a bit warmer.
And now, back in the apartment with Superbowl supplies purchased:

  • Scudders Corn chips (cause they were less expensive and had far fewer ingredients than anything from Tostitos)
  • Opted for the Tostitos Salsa since it was convenient and half the Dagastino’s price!
  • Otter Creek Copper Ale Because I’m a big fan of trying new wines and micro brews
  • Some sliced turkey for sandwiches!

Now If I can only find the remote control and some epsom salts for soaking my feets! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and are looking forward to a wonderful week of opportunity!

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