Roast Duck Soup after a day at the library

Today I decided that I would scope out the nearest New York Public Library nypl_logo, which happened to be the really cool Jefferson Market Branch. I actually didn’t get much of a chance to walk around today, but tomorrow, I’m going to poke around the second floor tomorrow when I go back (I was working today in the basement.)
Other than free WiFi the best thing about being there today was the fact that I had nice desk surface and chair to work on, for the first time since I’ve been here in NYC. And until you have to work 8 to 12 hours a day with your laptop on only your lap you don’t really appreciate something as simple as a desk and chair.
On the walk home, I passed by Sammy’s Noodle House. And after finally figuring out where the “main entrance” was located, I went in and ordered Wonton Soup with duck, chow fun noodles, and, oh yeah, no wontons. Apparently, they make all the wontons in advance with both shrimp and pork. Considering that eating pork would send me straight to hell, I opted not to have them in in my dinner.
I had just enough time to send a couple of text messages to my Sister visiting my 94 (I think) year old Grandmother who had just come out to California to spend some time with her youngest son.
Well, I have to say, not only did my gigantic bowl of soup taste super yummy, it looked fantastic. And I was able to snag a really nice picture of it (with a nice little TsingTao product placement. Ooops 😉 ) Take a look and let me know how envious you are!
Duck Chow Fun Soup
Creative Commons License photo credit: JamesDKirk

Qdoba food delivery in NYC

qdoba-food-order Since I’ve been in NYC this year, one of my favorite discoveries has been the newly launched Mexican grill, Qdoba. Marlene and I dined back in late January at store #550 located at 12 W. 23rd St. How the hell do I possibly know the date and exact address of the burrito shop that I had a quick dinner in over 2 months ago?
Great question!
Quick answer, Qdoba has a fantastic rewards program with a great tag line, “The more you eat, the more you earn”. LOL! I love that one, but not as much as the motto they have on posters in store, “Frequent biter miles”.
To the left, what you’re seeing is a copy of my order from today’s online experience requesting delivery from “my Qdoba” store. There’s actually one closer to where I’m staying on W. 12th St, however their delivery area doesn’t include this section of the City. No problems, however.
If you’d have seen the original order, you might have asked what army I was planning to feed, but I got a little greedy seeing all the control I had in the ordering process. Even what I did send through should be enough for about 3 meals, but that’s always a good thing 😉
With the order having been submitted, I did receive call from the restaurant rather quickly. My immediate thought was they were just confirming the order (ordering online has had that happen to me in the past.) Instead of confirmation, they apparently had to re-request my credit card number to get payment for the order.
Not a big deal. In fact, I even added an order of chips and guacamole to the delivery, so I guess I’ve got enough food for the next several days!
Now waiting for their maiden delivery. Oh, forgot to share that their online ordering system allows me to choose the time frame for delivery. And that was probably the weakest part of the process as I had to choose a new time frame since they were at “maximum order capacity” for the time I originally ordered.
And the only reason for that being the weakest point, is that I had to pull out my credit card and re-enter my card info. And that makes me think they are not saving my card info, which would make repeat orders much, much nicer. Not the end of the world, however.
Posting this up now, and will add comment updates to share the rest of the process in a bit. Bon apetit!

Jet lag, drug stores and fresh beets

Obviously, I’m going to have to do some amazing story telling in order to tie the words in that title together, yeah? No biggie. Here goes!
Some of my friends have been so very kind to inquire relating to what I lovingly refer to as the “+1 project”. We are starting the next phase this month, and that phase required my presence back here in NYC. With a Tuesday, 10am appointment for more testing (ART to be exact), I flew in on a red eye from PHX Monday night. Not sure why, but falling asleep Sunday night really didn’t occur until about 6am Monday morning.

Wishing now that I had spent the $200 to upgrade to first class when I had the chance because coach on most airlines just really sucks. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the product, and while I’m not an obese kind of guy, I am certain that I could lose a few pounds. Unfortunately, I’m not going to to shrink my 6’2″ frame anytime soon and sitting with people that take every opportunity to be the master of their domain can get tiring after a while.
Needless to say, that just gets old. And unless you get really sauced up, sleeping in that environment is just plain tough. Even after getting sauced up 😉
Fast forward a few days, and you find that I’m still challenged with the Arizona time zone clinging to my sleep habits. Or my waking habits to be more accurate. And another night of failing to fall asleep prior to 4am (1am back home). As challenging as it was, I forced myself awake and out of the West Village apartment by 10am. Just a note, the coffee at the corner deli is much better at 6:30am than it is at 10am. Everything bagels toast up nicely, however.

Creative Commons License photo credit: number657

Leaving the deli at 14th and 8th, heading East I soon came across the Whole Foods located on Union Square. And that was a cool thing considering a tourist asked me if the direction we were heading would take her to the square. Being a man, I immediately said yes, and forged the path like a true townie. Pretty sure she thought I was a New Yorker. Silly, yeah, I know.
Given there are no really nice grocery stores in the Verde Valley where I live, a Trader Joes or a Whole Foods just sucks me into their doors. If you’ve never been at the Union Square Whole Toods be sure to go late on a Sunday afternoon. Not only will it blow your mind when that many folk are in a single store, you’ll be amazed at the staff’s efficiency for checking out the customers.
Even this morning, there were probably more people checking out than are ever in the stores back home. And you really have to love the little shopping cart escalator; which when you take down to the basement, you’re deposited into the amazing organic produce department.
Farmers' Market
Creative Commons License photo credit: di_the_huntress
And the first thing you see is a wall of fresh red and gold beets, in all their glory with stalks of green leafs. At $2.49 a pound, organic and as fresh as they seemed, you just cannot pass them by. And I didn’t! Cannot wait to clean them up, dice them, coat with olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. If you’ve never had fresh beets prepared this way, do yourself a favor and give it a try. You will be amazingly, uhm, amazed! 🙂
While it’s only .8 of a mile to the store, I’m thinking Google’s estimate of 3 minutes to make that walk is a bit short. Regardless of how long it takes in reality, I can attest to the fact there are probably more drugstores and Starbucks along that strip of 14th than in the entire state of Arizona.
Needing some razor blades, I opted to hit the Rite Aid at 14th and 7th, navigated the maze of aisles and finally found a piss poorly stocked shelf that ultimately had no blades for my shaving system. I guess the blades are high theft items because they are kept inside clear plastic shelf boxes that when you open the lid, an alarm goes off. WTF? Are you kidding me? I kept looking around to see if the security guard was going to come and dump out my organic beets to see if I was stuffing razor blades in my Whole Foods Bags. Ugh.
After checking what little offerings they had I realized I’d have to go across the street to the Duane Reade. Unfortunately, I picked up the wrong blades, so it’ll be another day or so before I get to shave the scruff off my face. But that’s cool; don’t really enjoy that chore anyway!
Okay, guessing I’d better get to work and finish up the projects I’m currently on. Feeling good that I was able to get myself up “early” and hopefully, I’ll be able to find the East Coast sleep vibe soon.
Have a great one!

Nearest cup of coffee

Thought I’d check out the Starbucks iGoogle gadget to see where the nearest shop to me here in the West Village was located. Of course, I knew where the nearest one would be, and the next nearest, and the next two. What I didn’t expect was this:
Trust me when I tell you the island of Manhattan is underneath that sea of Starbucks! Really!

A little 4.4 mile walk to the WTC

Slept in today (okay, I had stayed up watching really crappy movies, but that requires sleeping in, right?) and instead of diving right into computer related work stuffs, I thought I’d take a quick walk, maybe find some food, and then come back to do the computerating.
Tribute In Light - NYC September 11, 2007 Well, I’ve finally realized that I’m more interested in walking around Manhattan than actually finding food and walking home. Other than eating, the only real goal I had was to find a BofA and get some cash from the ATM. Bank of America should be ashamed of their bank locations feature on their website. Of course, I didn’t check it out in Internet Explorer so maybe it works there.
So, here’s the walking route I ended up taking today as I made my way from Greenwich Village to the World Trade Center site and back.
As you can see, a mere 4.4 mile route (however getting lost inside the World Financial Center might have doubled that amount!) with the best part being the temperature today. Somewhere from the mid to upper 40’s was just a lovely break from the sub-freezing temps earlier in the week. And walking north along the West Side Highway with the setting sun warming the path made that mid 40’s temperature feel a bit warmer.
And now, back in the apartment with Superbowl supplies purchased:

  • Scudders Corn chips (cause they were less expensive and had far fewer ingredients than anything from Tostitos)
  • Opted for the Tostitos Salsa since it was convenient and half the Dagastino’s price!
  • Otter Creek Copper Ale Because I’m a big fan of trying new wines and micro brews
  • Some sliced turkey for sandwiches!

Now If I can only find the remote control and some epsom salts for soaking my feets! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and are looking forward to a wonderful week of opportunity!