Glad I’ve waited! I’ve had v.1.0 zip in my “to check out” folder for some time. So, long in fact that I was going through my ideas pad (actual pad of paper on my desk. High tech, I know 😉 ) and realized that I had the following note to myself:
“Are there any “Rate this post” plugins? Is that what Comment Karma is all about?” Obviously, when I wrote that note I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. The answer would be NO, CK is about rating the comments on a post.
Which brings me to my point, how hard would it be to modify this seemingly very cool plugin to allow the readers to rate the posts as well as the comments?
And will there be any way of “easily” administering the images used for up.png and down.png? Having that feature in the options section (I’ll assume there is one) would be sort of cool.

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