Another little “cookie crumb” of data. Some sites are using the technologies to place a cookie on your plate when you simply bookmark their link. For instance, I’m reading the TechCrunch post from a couple of days ago about “HealthLine Symptom Search…” and see a link in the TechCrunch post there into the HealthLine website:
HealthLine Symptom Search
I don’t want to go to there site right now, so I of course right click and “bookmark this link” (in FF). Immediately, I get a request to place a cookie from
I was chatting with Andy Beard the other day about cookie placement at the SERP’s (in Google that time), and why exactly does a destination site NEED to have a cookie on my plate just cause I see them in a results page, or in this note above, a bookmark of their link? And perhaps more importantly, how are they doing this from the technical perspective?
Just curiosity at play 😉
I’ll put more together on this concept in my upcoming article to be entitled, “Cookie Crumbs all over my plate!”

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