Your Most Important Asset

My very close friend, Josh Cobb, once told me, over dinner in downtown Los Angeles, he felt (paraphrasing):
“Success and wealth would be demonstrated by the degree of ‘disconnectedness’ an individual could achieve while still maintaining their ability to earn.”
At the time, I understood him completely. Today, the masses of folks seem to be moving in direct contradiction to this. Giving more time, more attention, more “connectedness” to others via technology, in many of its forms.
Zat Rana’s article, below, establishes these facts and provides the beginning stepping stones one might take in order to achieve “success and wealth” in all its forms.
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Test Post: Back on

Testing out the posting functionality. Specifically, looking at the https:// features to see if I continue getting a mixed content error. 🙁

Boneless Ribeye Pork Roast

Quick sear on the roast, saute carrots & onions in the same pan, place all in roast pan, adequate salt & pepper, cover with butter and pour over with chardonnay. Roast at 350 for 80 minutes, covered. Uncover, start wild rice. Remove roast from oven when rice is done. Wait 15 minutes. Plate. Dine in heaven.

Not Everyone Can Be a Resume Writer

I really don’t care if you know that I am 46 years old. Dancing around age always seemed like such a waste of energy to me. When I was 16 years old, living in South Carolina and had the opportunity to get an I.D. which said I was 18, I only did because my friends all did it and started going out to clubs and bars. Okay, so there wasn’t a lot of clubs in Rock Hill, SC. Whatever 😉
Now, after half a lifetime has passed, I’m still not terribly stuck on my age. What’s more important is being able to produce a quality resume which adequately reflects the experiences and abilities I’ve obtained in my life. The first few times I attempted a CV, what transpired was pretty much a disaster. Then, a few years ago, a good friend suggested I check out a professional resume writer service and leave the nitty gritty details to the professionals.
Of course, did I listen, no. Not right away. I’d always been taught (incorrectly?) that if you want something done, do it yourself. Well, I was able to put together a passable resume, however, no one was overwhelmed with the layout or information that appeared on my stock, templated from Microsoft Word resumes.
Finally, back when having a foot on the rung of the corporate ladder seemed like the pathway I needed to be on, I opted to seek out a quality resume writer service. I’ve been looking for a copy of that resume I invested some good money in. Unfortunately, I think I might have lost it along the way at some point. If I do happen across it soon, look for a comment below with it attached so you can see just how amazing a final product you can get when you invest in quality professional services.

Making a Website Builder Referral

Just had a call from someone I did not know. Can’t say I really know them any better now, however, I was tasked with helping them find some sort of website builder in order to get their small business an online presence. A (soon to be former!) friend of mine gave this person my telephone number with the understanding that I build websites.
While I’m not sure what planet my friend lives on, I know for a fact I have told her a number of times that I no longer do web development for customers. Having been working in the industry since it became an industry, I’ve gotten burned out over the years on both the demands of producing quality web applications, and the even more ridiculous demands of paying clients who think because they might one day pay me, they own my ass.
Anyway, not to get off on a rant, I politely informed the person calling me I was no longer in that line of business. If they wished to have any copy writing or sales/marketing content written, I would be more than happy to work with them on a proposal.
Of course, as one might expect, I then got pumped for information that could easily have been retrieved by doing a search on Google or any of ones favorite search engines. I was polite, however, and did pass on information where they might learn more about some of the online tools available for a website builder to find a host and good pricing.
Yeah, shut up. I’m a push over. So what! 😉

Facebook Connections, American Idol Parties, Real World Jobs

Just a quick pass at some thought processes occurring today (the past few days, actually.)

At the South Rim (no green screen)

— I’ve recently somewhat reconnected with a lovely woman I knew from high school and briefly during our college years. Beyond the catching up and reestablishing where each of us is in life at the moment, I’m struck by how hard the process is. Of course, we are all different and there’s no doubt that the act of interlocking the pieces of ones past with their present (and subsequently, their future) may be easier for some. I suppose this is just life? Whether the connections are happening via a chance run-in at the local grocery store or (increasingly) on Facebook, it’s what we do (or don’t) with them which is fascinating me currently.
— The family and friends activity of getting together for viewing American Idol on Thursdays seems to have bankrupted itself. Perhaps more accurately it is the pockets and desires of those who fatefully volunteer to do the food for party night. Personally, I’ve had a blast when I stepped up to the plate, but then, I savor being in the kitchen and cooking super yummy food. Others complain they are not getting any sort of return from the participants (we all pay the food bringer $5 for their getting and preparing the meal). Perhaps we should charge more? But then fewer folks will attend. And that’s ironic considering most have no problem bringing their own alcohol, which I suspect costs more than $5. Not that I have challenges with that either. My disappointment comes in from the fact that the activity can be such a great chance to get together, visit with friends and family. Meet new folks who are invited. Generally socialize, have (usually!) really good eats, while indulging in the guilty pleasure of watching singers compete for the prize. This week is off, and my guess is that our previous commitment of carrying the Thursday party on for So You Think You Can Dance is not going to happen either. Too bad, cause I personally like that show much more than Idol!

Olive Oil Sign

— On getting a regular, “real” job. Ugh. Actually, not all that ugh, but ugh nonetheless. The biggest frustration is knowing ends need to meet, regardless of how frugal and minimal one has developed their lives. And that’s fine, however what isn’t all that groovy is being jerked around by potential employers who either don’t know what they are looking for, don’t have the authority to make decisions or simply have egos which (sorry, have to do it) are writing checks they can’t cash. My biggest concern is getting out of the mindset that I am a writer. It is what I love doing, and though yet to pay many bills (technically I am a professional writer regularly selling articles and copywriting) the time and effort I’m putting into my first novel will, I trust, someday pay dividends. Maintaining an eye on the goal of being able to earn all revenues from writing must be maintained.
— Finally, the next couple of months will be fraught with change, moves, and the opening of new life chapters. Exciting and a bore at the same time. But only boring when I slip into the dark regions of thought and don’t wish to work hard at making progress towards the future of my own design. This author would be greatly appreciative of the occasional reminder or comment from friends, family, interesting associates and the like. Just slap down some words as if you’re slapping me upside the head. Don’t worry. I’m sure it will hurt me more than it does you 😐

Anyone Have YOURLS Working On an NginX Server?

Started serving static files (images, pdfs, txt files, etc.) from a spare domain I have several months ago. It’s short at 5 letters, so I was thinking this might be a great set up for doing my own URL shortening as well.
Because I run NginX and FastCGI to power my WordPress installs, I often find it a challenge to implement stuff that’s been developed for LAMP stacks. I know the YOURLS instructions has a link to an Nginx fix, however, I was unable to get it to work.
Just wondering if anyone stopping by has any experience or can point me towards some knowledge on how to troubleshoot.

When Is One At the Bottom of the Barrel?

Image courtesy of Wikepedia

You know life has sunk about as far as possible (from a tech perspective, at least) when you are:

  1. Pet sitting for your mother’s business because you can’t find a decent tech job,
  2. While rushing out to the mailbox to get the Netflix out before the mail truck comes back up the road, you discover that you didn’t notice the dog decided not to indicate she needed to go back outside,
  3. You can no longer figure out how to access the ISP service by plugging straight into their modem,
  4. The speed you get from your bluetooth connection from your netbook to the smart phone is faster than the pet sitting client’s ISP.

These are just some Monday morning thoughts. Nothing too deep here 😉

Ebay Partner Captcha: Are You Kidding?

ebay-partner-captchWTF? I’ve always been a big supporter of using CAPTCHA’s to reduce spam and increase security. I even try to use reCAPTCHA as much as I can, mostly because there is an actual cause behind them.
But as you can see with this quick screen grab from a password reset inside the Ebay Partners network, I feel like I’m writing a damn book just to get them to do something for me.
YIKES!! Next I’ll have to re-type a complete book from the Bible! (or any other holy book of scriptures!)
Crazy stuff. Loco indeed!