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Do you watch much television? Are you a bit on the technical side of the equation when it comes to the hardware associated with your home entertainment experience? Having recently come to the end of a contract with 1 of the 2 satellite television providers, I decided it was time to look into current home entertainment offerings in the marketplace.
Let me preface all by simply saying the research revealed very little in the ways of apparent differences offered by these companies. Why is that? Most likely it’s due to the fact that you don’t get to experience the entertainment until you have bought into their system. You don’t get to scroll through the menus or guides, experience the lag when changing channels, get amazed at how fast the DVR will fast forward or rewind until agreements have been made and installations completed.
By then, it may be too late. I felt there was no appreciable difference between what I had and the local cable offering. So, I investigated the other satellite company and their current deals.
In the end, they were offering the same sort of programming (sure they had a channel or 2 not available on other systems; and likely didn’t have others.) The key was the hardware: DVRs and high definition. What I took for granted was that anyone in their right state of mind would consider any option that did not include a minimum of 2 television tuners in their receiver box.
In our 4 television house, only one of the receivers ended up being a dual tuner DVR. My personal room had only a single tuner. Imagine my dismay when trying to watch a program on one channel and record on another.
It took several phone calls back to the company and some price wrangling, however in the end, I was provided great service and ultimately the dual tuner, HD DVR that would do at least what I had come to expect when it comes to enjoying television entertainment.

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