Ekonoline, WordPress 2.1 and Own the Feed

Of all the wordpress installations in the world this plugin had to find its way into mine! Kidding of course. Just the thought of having multiple feeds right on my dashbar page makes me want to do away with google reader. Nothing against it, mind you, except it’s another browser window I have to have open in order to have my window to the world open. (Perhaps I should just open my real windows and breathe in the wonderful NorCal air outside? I would but it’s still pretty cold out there.)

So, I can only sit and wait? Maybe I’ll open it up and take a look under the hood as well. Not the most gifted coder, but I can slug it out with the best integrators and can often find things that aren’t working the way the should. But then like the author of the plugin stated, I don’t know a lot about the changes in WP 2.1 (yet 😉 ).

Posting this in [tag]Radar[/tag], cause I really like the idea of enabling our users dashboard to give them one more “inlet” of the information they care about.

One thought to “Ekonoline, WordPress 2.1 and Own the Feed”

  • Brian Gilham

    James, feel free to do whatever you like with the code for Own the Feed. I’ve more or less given up on developing it. I simply don’t have the time. I’ll be posting something to that fact on my blog, eventually.


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