Where neo-nomads’ ideas percolate / New ‘bedouins’ transform a laptop, cell phone and coffeehouse into their office
If you’re wondering what ‘Are You Mobile?’ is all about, this post from the SF Gate exemplifies the spirit and the details behind Boldly Going’s vision of mobility.
James and I developed our definition of what “Boldly Going” is based on our mutual interests and annoyances in mind. One of our interests is traveling, and one our annoyances is being the idea of being confined to somebody else’s “ideal workspace.”
With consumer electronics evolving the way they have, there is little reason why people cannot conduct their Web development, consulting, design, and other careers, from anywhere they choose. Phone? Cellular. Computer? Laptop. Internet? Wi-Fi. For a lot of careers, not much more equipment is needed.
On a personal note, I had been thinking up some marketing ideas related to the motifs of bedouins. I take this as a lesson to jump on my own ideas faster, so I can say “they so copied me!”

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