I know I saw this elsewhere before, but it hit my radar again thanks to studentlinc via LifeHacker.

The concept is elegant and simple: (1) Call Jott from your phone. (2) Speak a message to “me” (yourself) or to a person on your contact list. (3) Jott converts your spoken message as a text message, and sends it to the recipient’s phone and/or e-mail account.

I really like this idea because I like text messaging, but hate composing a text message (I know, it’s an artform that takes time and paitence, and any 12 year-old punk out there could be the Texting Master to me, the Carpal Tunnel Padawan….).  Using Jott.com, I can speak my message, it gets sent in the format I was after, and I don’t blow 10 minutes of my life.

One issue I did note is that test messages I created to 24 – 28 minutes to get transcribed by the system, and sent out.  Maybe I’m just used to everthing being at “Web speed” – as in, any wait is too long.

I plan on trying Jott out when I’m walking or hiking, since I haven’t figure out how to secure a notepad or laptop to myself when out – but that’s when I do my best thinking.



3 thoughts to “Thoughts on Jott

  • James D Kirk

    I’m going to wait till you tell me this is something I have to check out. I tried calling the toll free number that was in the text message they sent me when you were testing earlier today, and after the call was answered, all I heard was silence.
    Can you actually hear silence…?

  • Joseph Cizek

    If you didn’t register at Jott.com, then the phone service would be of no use to you.
    But, you raise an excellent point – Jott should be helping out potential new users as much as possible – meaning, if it’s the toll-free number that catches their attention first, then they better have a sultry and soothing voice playing on the other side of that line, enticing them to take the additional effort of going to the Web site to register.
    Just don’t give new business the silent treatment.

  • chris

    about the “silent treatment” …that is interesting! Hopefully they will figure that one out! If they havn’t yet! haha
    Anywho, glad to see fellow jotters out there. I can see many implementations with this thing. As for me, I use it to remember music when I’m not at my guitar. I am forever forgetting my ideas! Kinda like how a carabeener helped me from always losing my keys hahahah. I’ve seen people who have integrated jott with their own personal blogs. Its really neat. I’m sure Jott has plans for business users as well. Lets just hope they don’t charge an arm and a leg! haha


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