Here at BG we’re currently developing the “community” features of the site, working on, choosing, and tweaking the internal and third-party applications we feel we need in order to give our readers the best interactive experience.
Many times I have preached “fewest moving parts,” meaning that if there is some functionality we can do with the core CMS rather than loading up a plugin or external application, then we keep it internal. The problem is that there is so much “Web 2.0” stuff out there, we tend to re-define our needs based on new coolness we’re exposed too.
We’re doing our best to keep BG simple and straightforward, and that extends to our interactivity as well. We don’t have to have every bell and whistle.
So, with BG’s challenge of being discriminating of third-party-apps fresh in my mind, I start seeing Twitter hit the radar. It has among its sign-ups a lot of big names, from the net in general, and the Web 2.0 movers/shakers. It keeps popping up in the SxSW articles, where it’s causing buzz.
And, I don’t get why.
Andrew LaVallee at The Wall Street Journal addresses this better: Friends Swap Twitters, and Frustration – Incidently, I found this article via Slashdot – specifically, via Slashdot’s space on Twitter.
My guess is that Twitter appeals to our inner lazy vouyer – here’s a way to spy on your friends’ comings and goings without having to buy the high-powered binoculars.

5 thoughts to “Twit(ter)?

  • JDK

    Going along with Joseph on this one. I “understand” the concepts behind Twitter, and I can certainly see why it is popular with some types. I just know that I’m not likely to use it it.
    People who know (of) me know that I talk (type) too much. Seems that Twitter is just the opposite of that personality type. Seems that blogging is the opposite of the Twitter type.
    More importantly, however, we both agree that there is no particular need to share our resources and real estate here at with third party apps that we don’t both benefit from and give something back to.
    Do you, our friends and readers use Twitter? If so, what’s your take on this “phenomenon”? We’re all ears and have very open minds to being swayed, we’ve just not seen much evidence yet to do so.

  • Andy Beard

    I started off seeing some use, I now think it has too many limitations for business use.

  • James D Kirk

    I hear ya, Andy. And to be honest, from a business productivity perspective, I think it just takes too much time/is to distracting.
    If your a reader starting here, you definitely want to read the post where Andy expounds upon his comments above over at his site. Follow this link

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