Just had a call from someone I did not know. Can’t say I really know them any better now, however, I was tasked with helping them find some sort of website builder in order to get their small business an online presence. A (soon to be former!) friend of mine gave this person my telephone number with the understanding that I build websites.
While I’m not sure what planet my friend lives on, I know for a fact I have told her a number of times that I no longer do web development for customers. Having been working in the industry since it became an industry, I’ve gotten burned out over the years on both the demands of producing quality web applications, and the even more ridiculous demands of paying clients who think because they might one day pay me, they own my ass.
Anyway, not to get off on a rant, I politely informed the person calling me I was no longer in that line of business. If they wished to have any copy writing or sales/marketing content written, I would be more than happy to work with them on a proposal.
Of course, as one might expect, I then got pumped for information that could easily have been retrieved by doing a search on Google or any of ones favorite search engines. I was polite, however, and did pass on information where they might learn more about some of the online tools available for a website builder to find a host and good pricing.
Yeah, shut up. I’m a push over. So what! 😉

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