An “FYI” for anybody using MyBlogLog (BG included), Yahoo is the new owner. This is a possible outcome for any of the small Web Wiz companies that hit upon a great idea, and grow it into a success: they become appetizing to one or more of the Big Three Fish.
Why Yahoo Bought MyBlogLog: To Track Your AdSense Statistics — Business Logs
So, is this an issue? Does a new Big Fish owner compel users to discontinue use for realistic reasons? Or, is it just a form of snobbery, for developers to actively avoid using tools owned/operated by one of the “Evil Meglomaniac Megacorps?”

One thought to “Why Yahoo Bought MyBlogLog — Business Logs”

  • JC

    Check out the comments on the article between MyBlogLog and BusinessLogs…they’re providing some very interesting details regarding the legal issues behind using AdSense, using services like MBL, etc.


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