As I learn more about the detailed processes of video monetization, I am coming across a ton of interesting stories. I’ll start collecting them and making posts here. If the concept goes well, perhaps I’ll start up a new site to focus on monetizing video, licensing fees and other issues and perhaps DRM topics as well.

Early 1950s Television Set
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You probably know that I’m attempting to get hired by and as such really need to increase my knowledge about online video and how it works from a business model perspective.
The work I did with as we tried to launch that business really got me hip deep into online video. From content delivery networks to transcoding, I learned a lot. In fact, as part of that experience I actually filed two patent pending processes for delivering online video and audio in some interesting and unique ways.
Below are recent stories that seem worthy of in depth study. Thanks!

Kyte & LEVEL Studios Formulate Partnership Allowing Brands & Enterprises to Maximize Online, Social & Mobile Web Presence

Kyte, the online, mobile and social video platform for live and on-demand content and LEVEL Studios, an independent digital agency, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership that will provide brands and corporate enterprises with the ability to maximize their online, social and mobile Web presence through interactive, multi-platform social video experiences. Monster Energy, the leading provider of energy drinks in the United States, is the first brand to benefit from the partnership – having recently unveiled its new Web site designed by LEVEL Studios and incorporating Kyte’s online video platform to engage audiences and build brand awareness across the social Web.

TVDeck Is All Kinds Of Awesome – Finds The Best Videos Online

TVDeck, a newly launched website, wants to organize all the best internet video content, and give it to you with a beautiful UI. In the words of their leader: “TVDeck is a video show search and aggregation site. We find the best videos and categorize them by topic showing the most recent headlines from each show.”

iBNSports and Vootage Raise Standards for High School Sports Broadcastst

Internet sports television network iBN Sports announced today that they have joined forces with their primary competitor for high school sports, Vootage. For the past four years, the two companies have led the way in live broadcasts of high school sports in California and sports fans will now benefit from the strengths of both companies. Vootage’s advanced in-video tagging technology and statistical data tracking will combine with the robust streaming platform and back-end infrastructure of iBN Sports to deliver the most comprehensive high school sports broadcasts on the Internet at the highest quality.

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