Just finished the well thought out and written article by Jim O’Neill of Fierce Online Video entitled, In Comcast’s NBCU lineup, is there room for Hulu?. Mr. O’Neill lays out what is likely to be how Comcast Cable, the controlling interest in NBCU after agreeing to a joint venture with General Electric will likely operate.
Disney_logo All’s well and good. I suppose. Granted I’ve not done any serious research and obviously don’t know the players, but I have my reservations. When the announcements were starting, my friend @NyahWilliams asked me what I thought. I told her that I’ve no real experience with Comcast as a company, but I do read.
That’s the great thing about the Net. All these blogs, Twitter, various other social interactions. Just paying attention allowed me to have a relatively informed opinion to share with her. I’ve read very little positive about Comcast’s products and customer service.
fox_logoNow they have all the great stuff the Jim outlines in his article, and it causes me to worry about that control; that power they might wield over stuff I like to watch (Chuck, I’m looking at you 😉 )
Anyway, now that I’m striving to get a gig with the Vidli, The Official Video Licensor, it occurred to me that Vidli’s services of offering per video licensing fees might be the perfect solution to help ensure that Hulu stays in operation.
nbcu-logoDon’t get me wrong. I don’t want to pay for content any more than you do; neither do I want to watch 8 to 10 commercial units per break. (WTF are the networks thinking anyway?) I watch the 15 to 30 second break on Hulu shows. Because they force me to. But that’s fine. When it gets upwards to 4 or 5 units? Maybe not.
So, I’m just pondering that if a service like Vidli could land accounts with the copyright holders that provide Hulu with content (talking of course about NBCU, Disney, Fox) then perhaps there could be alternative online video monetization that would give us, the consumers, affordable access to shows with reduced advertising or none whatsoever.
new_vidliJust saying, there are some alternatives for the big players to consider that doesn’t force online video, IPTV, etc to become synonymous with the 60 year old boob tube operations.

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