Roast Duck Soup after a day at the library

Today I decided that I would scope out the nearest New York Public Library nypl_logo, which happened to be the really cool Jefferson Market Branch. I actually didn’t get much of a chance to walk around today, but tomorrow, I’m going to poke around the second floor tomorrow when I go back (I was working today in the basement.)
Other than free WiFi the best thing about being there today was the fact that I had nice desk surface and chair to work on, for the first time since I’ve been here in NYC. And until you have to work 8 to 12 hours a day with your laptop on only your lap you don’t really appreciate something as simple as a desk and chair.
On the walk home, I passed by Sammy’s Noodle House. And after finally figuring out where the “main entrance” was located, I went in and ordered Wonton Soup with duck, chow fun noodles, and, oh yeah, no wontons. Apparently, they make all the wontons in advance with both shrimp and pork. Considering that eating pork would send me straight to hell, I opted not to have them in in my dinner.
I had just enough time to send a couple of text messages to my Sister visiting my 94 (I think) year old Grandmother who had just come out to California to spend some time with her youngest son.
Well, I have to say, not only did my gigantic bowl of soup taste super yummy, it looked fantastic. And I was able to snag a really nice picture of it (with a nice little TsingTao product placement. Ooops 😉 ) Take a look and let me know how envious you are!
Duck Chow Fun Soup
Creative Commons License photo credit: JamesDKirk