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Another little “cookie crumb” of data. Some sites are using the technologies to place a cookie on your plate when you simply bookmark their link. For instance, I’m reading the TechCrunch post from a couple of days ago about “HealthLine Symptom Search…” and see a link in the TechCrunch post there into the HealthLine website:
HealthLine Symptom Search
I don’t want to go to there site right now, so I of course right click and “bookmark this link” (in FF). Immediately, I get a request to place a cookie from
I was chatting with Andy Beard the other day about cookie placement at the SERP’s (in Google that time), and why exactly does a destination site NEED to have a cookie on my plate just cause I see them in a results page, or in this note above, a bookmark of their link? And perhaps more importantly, how are they doing this from the technical perspective?
Just curiosity at play ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’ll put more together on this concept in my upcoming article to be entitled, “Cookie Crumbs all over my plate!”

MySpace Launches Comic Book Community

Interesting development both with respect to the day to day goings on at and for the comic geeks in all of us ๐Ÿ˜‰
The one thing of note to me is the major sponsor that is already prominent on the page sponsoring the “Latest Comic Book News” box above the fold on the page. Comic Book Resources has been around and online for as long as I have been messing around with comic books and while I’ve not been overly active in the collecting of titles of late, I always look to them for timely news, info and events. Good to see comics going mainstream! (Well, hopefully not, cause they’ll start printing 10,000,000 copies of every issue further devaluing my collection ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
MySpace Launches Comic Book Community – Death To ComicSpace?

When a GPL theme is not a GPL theme

Gotta say that I just love this post! I’ve used the Anaconda theme on an off at my personal site, and really liked the flexibility of the two sidebar widgetized theme. This of course was before I learned how to create multiple sidebars for this site (cause I like widgety things more than Joe does ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). By the time we had modified the crap out of the corporate slave theme, we had nothing that resembled the original theme (on the outside anyway!), but the mash of code inside was pretty gnarly :'(
Finally, I got frustrated and decided that the next week of my life was to be dedicated to learning how to theme in WordPress, and went at re-coding our sites theme from the ground up starting with the default theme, Kubrik, I think it is.
Well, needless to say, there are no attributes to the Corporate Slave theme creators, but I figured if I posted this here, now, there’d be a record to show that we very much appreciated the work they did that was the basis of inspiration for us doing what we did. Grazi!
Original post found here:What makes you happy ? รƒโ€šร‚ยป When a GPL theme is not a GPL theme

OpenID News

Most definitely good news for the world of openID watchers (like us!). We definitely hope to implement the openID system right here at as soon as we are at a stable enough point to do so. Of course, there is that huge list of items ahead of this implementation, however reading that general acceptance of the spec is moving along is a good thing, methinks.
I am curious as to how well the concept of having one site be “responsible” for you general logging information will be received over all. I suppose this is why I am starting a new category on this site specifically for openID.
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Comment Karma 2.0 "Coming Soon"!

Glad I’ve waited! I’ve had v.1.0 zip in my “to check out” folder for some time. So, long in fact that I was going through my ideas pad (actual pad of paper on my desk. High tech, I know ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and realized that I had the following note to myself:
“Are there any “Rate this post” plugins? Is that what Comment Karma is all about?” Obviously, when I wrote that note I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. The answer would be NO, CK is about rating the comments on a post.
Which brings me to my point, how hard would it be to modify this seemingly very cool plugin to allow the readers to rate the posts as well as the comments?
And will there be any way of “easily” administering the images used for up.png and down.png? Having that feature in the options section (I’ll assume there is one) would be sort of cool.

Sidebar Widget Collapser "Released"

What a great idea to be able to have the functionality of offering your site visitors the ability to collapse a portion of the sidebar. Add to that the cookie functionality to “remember” the choices that your visitors make, and conceptually at least, this would be a GREAT plugin.
The reality however is far from GREAT, unfortunately. If you are like most WP owner/operators, you probably don’t get under the hood too much and alter code. If you are a bit more adventurous, and I think I’d put myself into that category, you are willing to get some grease on your hands in order to get things to work on your site the way you’d like them to. However, when you install an add-on (be it widget, plugin or theme) you kind of sort of expect that if it has been released to the public there was some semblance of preparation done to get it ready for the “least common denominator”. This Sidebar widget collapser plugin was definitely not prepped for “the rest of us”.
There is no admin page to enable the admin user to make changes to the hard coded defaults of what the id name that is identifying your sidebar. For instance, the author states very clearly (on his download page, but not in the readme.txt packaged with the plugin; oh, my apologies, there was not any readme.txt with the download package :'( ) that the plugin expects that your sidebar id will be named “sidebar”. That’s groovy and all, however I don’t want my users to be able to collapse my main left sidebar. Instead, I would want them to have the ability, if they desired, to collapse sections on my rightbar. Now I have to either change the plugin code, or change my custom theme template code. Same goes with the class names for the LI’s in the page.
Worse thing though is that if you don’t look into the code, you will most definitely miss the fact that the plugin is expecting to find the javascript workhorse for this plugin in a folder that theoretically resides in your WP installs Plugin directory, called freepress (after the authors web site.) And that’s cool, except for the fact that when you decompress the package, it seems not to have the files packed up inside a directory called “freepress”, so you are left to assume that the directory they are in, SidebarWidgetCollapser is what you are to upload to your installation. That won’t work, unfortunately.
I will say that the author of this plugin did mention to a commenter at his site that he recognizes the some of these challenges, and will address them “soon”. If that’s the case, why on earth have your download available. I can only imagine that there are going to be a torrent of comments and tech request flooding into his site related to those challenges. Maybe this is the desired affect? Who knows.
We’ll keep our eyes on this plugin however, as we’d truly like the functionality. We’d also like an admin page that gives us the power to name the ID of the sidebar we want the collapsing activity to apply to. It’d be a real bonus to have the ability to have various ID’s named as well, since more and more themes are coming with widgets in more places than just the main left sidebar.
Keeping our fingers crossed!
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