Arizona Blue Moon

Some really interesting photos of tonights blue moon from my back porch, here in Cottonwood, AZ. Enjoy! [postcasa size=large][/postcasa]

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Pondering the Contest

Image via Wikipedia Still only a few hours left in the contest being run by soon to be released If you spend any time at all reading the posts here at BG, you likely know that I’ve been participating in their Social Media challenge. They designed an interesting way to weed out the wannabe […]

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Ebay Partner Captcha: Are You Kidding?

WTF? I’ve always been a big supporter of using CAPTCHA’s to reduce spam and increase security. I even try to use reCAPTCHA as much as I can, mostly because there is an actual cause behind them. But as you can see with this quick screen grab from a password reset inside the Ebay Partners network, […]

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Pie Crust Protector vs. Pie Shields

Christmas dinner was fantastic. Mom’s “new” technique of cooking the turkey outside of the oven in a giant slow cooker creates the most moist and amazingly good meat ever. We do put it into the oven as soon as the thingy pops out telling us it’s ready inside. While its skin is browning we pop […]

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Rendering Video Monetization with the Best Metrics

photo credit: AMagill From ripping off live MMA to trying to figure out just what works and doesn’t regarding the monetization of online video, today’s stories are all about searching for the answers. Startup companies like will definitely need to be way on top of their game if they are going to go head […]

Read more's Licensing Model Appears on Right Track

As I’ve reported here over the past weeks,, The Official Video Licensor is launching in early 2010. They hope to provide the copyright owners of videos with the ability to monetize them with licensing fees. This instead of the current generally accepted model of placing ads in front of, during and after the playing […]

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