Thoughts on Jott

I know I saw this elsewhere before, but it hit my radar again thanks to studentlinc via LifeHacker. The concept is elegant and simple: (1) Call Jott from your phone. (2) Speak a message to “me” (yourself) or to a person on your contact list. (3) Jott converts your spoken message as a text message, and sends it […]

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No More Chinese Food

Eating out is over as we now know it. According to the report today by LIBBY QUAID, AP Food and Farm Writer (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak), Chinese Restaurant Food Draws Criticism. Seems that those pesky small business entrepreneur (who this time happen to be the owner/operators of Chinese food restaurants) are really sticking it to the […]

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Thoughts on SuperDistribution

Fred talks about the concepts of Super Distribution on his blog. Following are some of my reactions to Fred as well as the many intelligent comments left. My take is that people are always going to have their (mostly warranted) skepticism towards “recommendations” made from those they “know and are close to”. Several (negative?) comments […]

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Here at BG we’re currently developing the “community” features of the site, working on, choosing, and tweaking the internal and third-party applications we feel we need in order to give our readers the best interactive experience. Many times I have preached “fewest moving parts,” meaning that if there is some functionality we can do with […]

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Code Like a Girl

This is both an interesting read, as well as a light-hearted jab upon my business partner, with his pristine code, strives for proper Web page validation, and his critiques on my Web development process: Code like a girl. I code like a man.

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Flip a Web Site Fixer-upper This SitePoint article doesn’t really cover anything new – individuals and groups have for years been buying Web sites, bringing in their talented staff to spruce it up, then make it as attractive as possible for sale. James and I ended up being that talent in such a scenario, and […]

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This morning was the first time I was able to fully appreciate what Joseph has been telling me for many moons now: he sees Boldly Going Enterprises as a “media publishing company”. My thought was usually “What the hell IS that? Are we going to be producing news shows, printing a daily/weekly newspaper, or broadcasting […]

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