How Important Are the Sharing Functions Here at

If you have a account, you’ve most likely seen this option found on the left sidebar in the admin section. It is down below the “Settings” category. Clicking through you see some options to share information out to a select few social community networks you may (should!) belong to.
The question is, how important and useful is it to bother setting these automatic notifications up? Does it really matter that much in the grander scheme of things?
The first way to answer this question is with another question (typical, no?). What is the purpose of your blog posting? Are you simply capturing random thoughts that scurry through your mind with no real desire to seek fame and fortune from your scribblings? If this is the case, then don’t bother with the Sharing functionality here.
If on the other hand, you are attempting to promote your personal brand, or some new product or service, then obviously getting the word out to others is important. Plus, if you’ve ever had a self-hosted blog, you know there are greater limitations on functionality here at than there are on the seemingly endless number of plug-ins one can add to their own install.
But the good folks here recognize the need for functionality (safely implemented, hence the prevention of letting us jack up their installs with a bunch of potentially hazardous plugins!). As such, there are areas in the admin section, like this Sharing setting which provides additional features for those in the need.
The Perfect Meal
Clearly in this new world of independent publishing and writers running willy nilly posting up copies of their magna opera for the unsuspecting masses, getting the word out is paramount. These sharing features are just the option for those authors, like me, who have opted to maintain their online presence here at you are an aspiring writer who, like myself, is nearing the end of writing and self-publishing his first novel (a little ditty entitled The Perfect Meal. If you, like me, are under the impression that once CreateSpace and Kindle have finished the approval process and placed the book into their systems, the only thing left is to check the sales stats, well, you, LIKE ME 🙁 would be left wanting for more.
Most of us have accounts for the following, however if you are living under a rock, get with it!

So what these services do is every time you publish a new blog post, your title and link is pinged out to those communities. Simple, easy, automated. Just do what you do, write, and post, and forget worrying about sending a tweet to let your 621 followers know about it. Already taken care of.
A little further down the page is the “Share Button” section. This makes it easy for those folks that found out about your great blog post while playing in the one of the social communities you automatically pinged from above to share the news out to the communities they favor. I’m sure this functionality will vary from theme to theme, but usually the “share” button should display just below the text of your post, and above the author profile box. While you aren’t required to have accounts with the share button services, it certainly won’t hurt you to cultivate your personal brand in as many of them as you have time for.
To date, you can add easy share buttons for the following:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google +1
  • Facebook
  • Word Press This
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Digg

There is also an easy button for emailing the page link and quick print. The print functionality is extremely cool in that it strips out all the web theme related colors and graphics and provides the visitor with a well laid out print page of the blog post content. Plus, it adds your user (author) information box at the bottom.
This info box is a great place to use the website and the printed pages to market yourself and your products/services. Or the release of your newest book 😉
So, the round about answer to whether it’s worth messing around with the Sharing functionality herein? Absolutely. It is set and forget and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Not Everyone Can Be a Resume Writer

I really don’t care if you know that I am 46 years old. Dancing around age always seemed like such a waste of energy to me. When I was 16 years old, living in South Carolina and had the opportunity to get an I.D. which said I was 18, I only did because my friends all did it and started going out to clubs and bars. Okay, so there wasn’t a lot of clubs in Rock Hill, SC. Whatever 😉
Now, after half a lifetime has passed, I’m still not terribly stuck on my age. What’s more important is being able to produce a quality resume which adequately reflects the experiences and abilities I’ve obtained in my life. The first few times I attempted a CV, what transpired was pretty much a disaster. Then, a few years ago, a good friend suggested I check out a professional resume writer service and leave the nitty gritty details to the professionals.
Of course, did I listen, no. Not right away. I’d always been taught (incorrectly?) that if you want something done, do it yourself. Well, I was able to put together a passable resume, however, no one was overwhelmed with the layout or information that appeared on my stock, templated from Microsoft Word resumes.
Finally, back when having a foot on the rung of the corporate ladder seemed like the pathway I needed to be on, I opted to seek out a quality resume writer service. I’ve been looking for a copy of that resume I invested some good money in. Unfortunately, I think I might have lost it along the way at some point. If I do happen across it soon, look for a comment below with it attached so you can see just how amazing a final product you can get when you invest in quality professional services.

Making a Website Builder Referral

Just had a call from someone I did not know. Can’t say I really know them any better now, however, I was tasked with helping them find some sort of website builder in order to get their small business an online presence. A (soon to be former!) friend of mine gave this person my telephone number with the understanding that I build websites.
While I’m not sure what planet my friend lives on, I know for a fact I have told her a number of times that I no longer do web development for customers. Having been working in the industry since it became an industry, I’ve gotten burned out over the years on both the demands of producing quality web applications, and the even more ridiculous demands of paying clients who think because they might one day pay me, they own my ass.
Anyway, not to get off on a rant, I politely informed the person calling me I was no longer in that line of business. If they wished to have any copy writing or sales/marketing content written, I would be more than happy to work with them on a proposal.
Of course, as one might expect, I then got pumped for information that could easily have been retrieved by doing a search on Google or any of ones favorite search engines. I was polite, however, and did pass on information where they might learn more about some of the online tools available for a website builder to find a host and good pricing.
Yeah, shut up. I’m a push over. So what! 😉