How Can You Help Get Someone Hired?

Help Get James D Kirk Hired at Vidli.comWell, the answer to that question, in my case, is actually very easy! If you are into online video in any sense, then eventually you are going to hear about and their rather unique approach to making money with online video. They’ve created an interesting approach to monetizing video you own the copyright to. I’ve become enamored with what they’re doing, and am hoping to land a permanent gig with all the groovy folks working and developing there.
So, how can you help? Simple. Sean Murphy, co-founder of Vidli has created an competition that will land the top five referrers an opportunity to interview for the Social Media position they are hoping to fill soon. All you have to do is click to Hire James D Kirk.
Help Hire James D KirkYou will be redirected to the Vidli sign up page where, if you do sign up for a FREE beta invite, they will credit me with a point for the sign up. Top 5 referrers by Dec. 21 will be invited to interview for the full time gig.
If you know me at all, then you’re aware I spend a lot of time online and share a decent amount of attention in the social media world. Having the chance to jump into a full time position in social media marketing would be a logical step in my career.
Your help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks in advance for sharing this with others that might help a fellow out.