Qdoba food delivery in NYC

qdoba-food-order Since I’ve been in NYC this year, one of my favorite discoveries has been the newly launched Mexican grill, Qdoba. Marlene and I dined back in late January at store #550 located at 12 W. 23rd St. How the hell do I possibly know the date and exact address of the burrito shop that I had a quick dinner in over 2 months ago?
Great question!
Quick answer, Qdoba has a fantastic rewards program with a great tag line, “The more you eat, the more you earn”. LOL! I love that one, but not as much as the motto they have on posters in store, “Frequent biter miles”.
To the left, what you’re seeing is a copy of my order from today’s online experience requesting delivery from “my Qdoba” store. There’s actually one closer to where I’m staying on W. 12th St, however their delivery area doesn’t include this section of the City. No problems, however.
If you’d have seen the original order, you might have asked what army I was planning to feed, but I got a little greedy seeing all the control I had in the ordering process. Even what I did send through should be enough for about 3 meals, but that’s always a good thing 😉
With the order having been submitted, I did receive call from the restaurant rather quickly. My immediate thought was they were just confirming the order (ordering online has had that happen to me in the past.) Instead of confirmation, they apparently had to re-request my credit card number to get payment for the order.
Not a big deal. In fact, I even added an order of chips and guacamole to the delivery, so I guess I’ve got enough food for the next several days!
Now waiting for their maiden delivery. Oh, forgot to share that their online ordering system allows me to choose the time frame for delivery. And that was probably the weakest part of the process as I had to choose a new time frame since they were at “maximum order capacity” for the time I originally ordered.
And the only reason for that being the weakest point, is that I had to pull out my credit card and re-enter my card info. And that makes me think they are not saving my card info, which would make repeat orders much, much nicer. Not the end of the world, however.
Posting this up now, and will add comment updates to share the rest of the process in a bit. Bon apetit!