Where will Vidli.com Fit into the Value Add Chain of Online Video Monetization?

As the new year is strapping up its boots and getting ready to launch us all into a brand new decade, those of you (and I) interested in online video may be wondering what’s next. As I continue my quest to become Vidli.com’s next Social Media person (you can help by clicking here and signing up to receive a free beta invite. TIA!) I find myself learning more and more about the marketplace.
The work I’ve done in the past for EPI, LLC (where I’m a founding partner) as we attempt to launch TheFightChannel.com, an all fighting online video network has been very educational. In fact, during 2008 I actually designed and submitted to applications for patent protection on processes to deliver audio and video online in new and unique fashion.
Couple the above with the thousands of hours of fight related video we hope to one day launch to fight fans around the world, and you can better understand why having all this knowledge around video licensing and monetization is important. From a business model perspective, we needed to be able to talk to content owners in terms they could understand.
So, now I’m more closely following the happenings in delivery, licensing, monetization and more in the world of online video. Following are some interesting stories from the past couple of days.

Internet TV advances with Boxee Beta and FCC probe

The maturation of Internet TV software like Boxee signals a shift to a more distributed media environment. However, bridging the gap between television and online media is a difficult proposition, not least because traditional content producers are slow to embrace these services.

How Digital Distribution is Changing Viewers Habits {Web Strategies for storytelling}

This paper will identify the current advancement of digital distribution channels and its viewers imminent behavior habits. I hope to prove that today filmmakers, storytellers, and documentary producers can now bypass the traditional methods of video circulation and target their own markets directly using social media websites, live streaming and video podcasting.

New Year’s Wishes For Online Video In 2010

The very best thing to happen to the execution side of our business in 2009 was the emergence and adoption of the VAST standard. VAST compliance allows buyers of inventory to integrate with publishers in a matter of hours, as opposed to custom integration processes that could take days, weeks or months. The efficiencies inherent to VAST enable increased productivity across the board by letting buyers get time-sensitive campaigns up faster, dramatically reducing the potential for errors caused through manual trafficking, and by allowing publishers to significantly reduce trafficking burden. A growing VAST adoption rate coupled with more embracement of standards will benefit all participants in the online video value chain.

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What's Next in Video Monetization and Premium Content Licensing

YouTube, LLC

We’re seeing a number of announcements by the big boy companies attempting to grab major foothold share in video monetization industries. Companies like Google’s YouTube is considering a subscription model in an attempt to entice premium content copyright holders to use their system.

Hulu, LLC

A move like that would place them in direct competition with Hulu.com with whom it is anticipated will start its own subscription model soon after the new year. Clearly however, in that marketplace, with Hulu’s owners being Disney, NBCU, and FOX, they have an advantage in getting that premium content.
For everyone else that’s not a Google or Hulu, there might be hope to make money with their copyrighted video by using Vidli.com, the Official Video Licensor. Their stated goals are to provide a place for you to sell, rent and buy videos online.
Here’s some snippets of stories that jumped out at me today. What do you think?

Widevine raises $15M for delivering web video to consumer gear

$15M for delivering web video to consumer gear
Widevine has raised $15 million in funding for its business of delivering video to web-connected consumer electronics gear. The company’s technology includes video optimization, which means it will size the video for a particular display and play it at a rate that matches the speed of its Internet connection. It lets consumers bookmark, fast forward, or rewind Internet video. The content it distributes has digital rights management to prevent piracy.

How You Can Make Money Remixing Someone Else’s Stuff

Our model also gives property owners a structure for inviting the creative community to collaboratively help the owner build out content on a scale not feasible under traditional approaches, which translates to new opportunities for fans to engage meaningfully in their favorite entertainment.
Imagine a video game developer releasing a new title. They could spend thousands of dollars on an alternate reality game, which is basically a one-time marketing expense that – hopefully – will generate indirect revenue by driving sales of the new title. Or, they could selectively open up certain elements of the game world and allow fans to create original works of fiction, art, comics, video, music, etc. within the video game property.

YouTube looks at subscriptions, more ad dollars

YouTube is considering offering users the option to pay for subscriptions in a bid to encourage more media companies to license premium TV shows and movies to the popular online video site, a senior executive said.
YouTube, which is owned by Internet search giant Google, is already known to have held talks with several major movie studios about renting movies.

Paramount Begins Licensing Clips Online, With Help from Digitalsmiths

What do you do when your DVD business starts to show serious signs of decline? If you’re Paramount, you look for ways to create a new revenue stream from your existing catalog of video content. With that in mind, the movie studio today launched ParamountClips.com, a warehouse of short-form video assets created and indexed with the help of Digitalsmiths.
The site will enable users to license clips from Paramount titles such as The Godfather, Forrest Gump and Top Gun, all without reaching out to the studio to do so.

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How I Use Facebook Pages to Help Get Hired at Vidli.com

Vidli.com should hire James D KirkAs I make progress with the project of getting an interview with Vidli.com, I felt it important to effectively use Facebook in spreading that message.
I’d never really made a page on FB before, so bear with me on the its development. There’s only the beginning of some Vidli.com stuff there now, but I was able to finagle the video that you see pictured in the screen grab below. Hoping that doesn’t piss anyone at Vidli off (hey, it was up on Youtube!)
The Facebook page I'm building to help get me an interview at Vidli.com
Oh, and don’t forget to drop over to Vator.tv and vote for Vidli in the Vator Splash Competition

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